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Re: Davey Management Style
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it was nice to see Gorzy reward Davey's faith.  Johnson doesn't seem to put a whole lot of stock in single game performances, once he trusts you he trusts you no matter what you do.  Obviously that can be a bit of a problem when someone is slumping badly, but at least Gorzy didn't come out of that debacle a few days ago wondering if he would be cut.

After Zim-with-2N's pitched 6 innings, with plenty of run support, Gorz-a-Natty pitched 3 (three) innings and was credited with a Save in the 7-2 victory April 25th (8 months until Christmas, do your shopping early, Rizzo!)

This is what I finally expected to see from Davey's Johnson - using a former starter to finish a game, in this case, 3 innings.  That gave the remainder of the bullpen rest, and creates a competitive advantage over our opponents.  I actually did NOT like seeing 3 different relief pitchers warming up in the bottom of the 9th in San Diego. 

I expected to see this earlier in the season and want to see it much more often.  The innovative managing style of a 69-year-old manager, (ignored by the game for 10 years), will be a talking point, as this team heads toward the World Series in 2012.