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Re: Strasburg in October..
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While I'm not saying they wouldn't do it, I think it would be incredibly stupid to do it. We'd all love to see a WS in D.C., but at the same time, at what cost? What if we win it all but Strasburg goes Kerry Wood on us? Instead of one WS we could perhaps have several. I dunno man... I want so bad to have a winning team, it's been since the Terps won the NT, but I'd hate to do but sabotage the future at the same time. Is this damn near the definition of a Catch-22?

what if we shut him down, get bumped early this year and don't make it back?

looking at the world series since 2000, the Rangers Phillies Yankees Giants Cardinals and Red Sox have made multiple trips [payroll matters aside] just remember the fact that these are high payroll teams is irrelevant [/payroll matters aside]

The Diamondbacks, Mets, Angles, Marlins, Astros, White Sox, Rockies, Tigers, and Rays were one and dones. How many of those teams thought they were at the start of something big and would be back? Just because a team makes a run once doesn't mean they get a second chance