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Re: Strasburg in October..
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I think, outside of a major pitching acquisition in the off-season, people will look back at this rotation and yearn for it in the coming years.

I truly believe this is the best our pitching will be in the "contending years" (barring a trade/signing for an ace)

I don't think people realize how good we have it with Jackson as a #4. Next year the staff will not be nearly as good. 30-40 more IP from Strasburg is not magically going to cover 200+ innings from Jackson plus whatever dreck we have as #5 next year. nagging about Det/CMW as #5? How's it going to look next year when they're our #4?

That's why you go for it when you have the chance. Come late September if we're in a position to win, I expect Rizzo will do what it takes to win now.