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Yep. It will go on all season, whether they make the playoffs or not. Uggh is right.
The dumbest thing about it is that even if the Nats make the playoffs they're a total crapshoot anyway.  Suppose everything went perfectly and the Nats made it to the World Series with Strasburg set to pitch games 1 and 5.  So what?  Cliff Lee got hit around by the anemic Giants.  Mariano Rivera blew a game seven lead against the DBacks.  Tony LaRussa, who is a freaking idiot, has three World Series rings and at least two of them were won on defensive miscues by the other team.  Trying to win it all in any one year doesn't make sense.  It's much more important to get to the playoffs as often as possible.  Same reason the Rays stockpile draft picks.  If people are that worried about game four just go Clippard and Stammen for three innings each, Burnett for two and Mattheus for one.  That's nine innings of 1.64 ERA (2.90 SIERA) ball.