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Re: Strasburg in October..
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This is fun. Washington Post links:

Post Editorial Board endorses Strasburg Shutdown

Rick Sutcliffe has a plan for Strasburg

Dennis Eckersley says the Nats have to pitch Strasburg

Stephen A. Smith says it’s disgraceful

Kevin Millar asks the Nats to look Strasburg in the eyes

Jake Peavy says it blows his mind
Scott Boras on possible legal ramifications

Rob Dibble blasts Strasburg and Rizzo

Andrea Mitchell discusses Strasburg on MSNBC

Find 'em at

Oh...and Rudy Giuliani thinks Strassburg has to pitch.

When has so much...etc? I think this even beats the time, about January, 1972, when Richard Nixon outlined a play for George Allen and told Old George to run it. The Redskins did run it in their playoff game against the '49ers...first Washington post-season game in my lifetime. The play failed, and the Redskins lost, although I forget what the play was supposed to do.