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Re: Strasburg in October..
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Yeah. Staying at Catcher=
1) Longer timeline to the majors
2) More involved development for the position
3) Fewer at bats per season
4) Greater injury risk and physical breakdown
5) More days off

Even if Bryce developed into a top-notch, big league catcher, it's his offensive potential that they wanted to maximize. So getting his bat into the lineup sooner than later and having him be an everyday player were the drivers in the decision to switch positions.

1 and 2.  The kid was already a good defensive catcher and he would probably develop into a world-class defensive catcher had they kept him there.
3.  Greatly improved prodution from that position
4.  Who cares?  He'll be a Yankee in seven years
5.  A kid like that can still play 130-140 and be o.k.

And it's not like his offense is world-beating right now.  We should have kept him at C and let the Yankees deal with his injuries and break-down.