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Re: Strasburg in October..
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When I said an economist would want to run him into the ground, I didn't mean this year. I meant over the life of the contract. I've always agreed with the 160-180 limit this year.

The same argument was made with Harper in regards to catching. Do the Nats sap his knees and have him catch, discarding him after his deal is up... Or do they promote him quickly and miss out on his prime years?

Sorry - missed that.  In that case, you're right.  From a pure ROI point of view, you want to maximize the number of innings he pitches over the lifetime of the contract, without regard to what shape his arm is in once the contract ends.  With one caveat:  You don't care what shape his arm is in when the contract is over, but you care extremely what shape it's in up until the last day of the contract, so the more you push him early, the more you risk him late.  In the last year of his contract, sure, let 'er rip and he should start 40 games and throw 300 IP.