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The guy did seem like a "I've been watching only the Mets games and playing fantasy baseball" nut.

Re: his idea for "delaying" Straburg's starting. There is NO GUARANTEE that without Stras we automatically make the playoffs. Maybe we do, maybe we don't. The thing is it TAKES THE ENTIRE TEAM to make a run for the playoffs. Davy in some of his post-game talks and/or during "the Manager's Report" in pre-game radio broadcasts has mentioned it's a team effort.

Also even if Stras had been sent to the bullpen at the beginning of the season to "rest" before getting his starts, it might possibly take him a couple of months to get "warmed up" enough to help out. That would mean what that he doesn't get hot til Aug? Every win contributes to a winning season. Stras is 9-1. OK lets say he hadn't been there for those 10 games would our record have been the same w/someone else? Probably not. Maybe we'd be 6-4 or, or we could be worse like 4-6 for those 10 games. WE would probably have say 4 less wins than we do now.

Another factor I think has sparked us is the Harper Effect. I admit I was "lets wait and bring him up in Sept til he is ready", but we were so beat up with injuries he was brought up early. and he was ready to come up. He has been so phenomenal that the rest of the team is psyched up and he has made major contributions to the offense AND defense. Again we would probably have a few less wins at this point.