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Re: Strasburg in October..
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Do you guys think Stras will enjoy being told to sit out the postseason.  Do you think the other players on the team will enjoy it?  Do you think the fans will be happy?  This is not a simple decision, and there are risks to the team's future either way. 

My opinion, FWIW, is that we have 7 competent starters on the 40 man roster.   With this many arms it shouldn't be hard to give Stras (and J. Zim for that matter) a few breaks here and there so that they can pitch into October if necessary.

BTW, pitching in the postseason doesn't necessary mean 40 more innings.  It only means that much more if the team makes it to the World Series  And if that happens, who here wouldn't want to see Stras in Game 6 or 7 no matter how many innings he has pitched over the whole season?  I'd pitch him if he'd thrown 300 innings already.   

Teams pitch stars on three days rest with regularity in the playoffs.  Do you think that imposes no risk on their future?  Eventually you gotta roll the dice and put it on the line...

My opinion:
A) I don't believe Rizzo when he says they won't figure out something to get Stras pitching in the playoffs if we make it
B) If Rizzo goes ahead and shuts down Stras without trying to do anything creative to get him to the playoffs, then that is a dumb move by Rizzo.