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Re: Strasburg in October..
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So what's he saying, we should pace out his starts so he pitches in October, or that we should ride that horse till he drops?

Either point is brain dead.

Yeah, by all means, let's pile 220 IP on an arm that's never thrown more than 110.  Then, when he develops bursitis or tears his rotator cuff or busts his UCL again, everybody can go on and on about how the dreadful "Inverted W" is the death-knell for pitchers and how we all knew he was going to be Mark Prior.

If we make the playoffs this year, we do it because we got enough wins out of Stras' 160 in the first 2/3 of the season so that the rotation of Gio, ZNN, EJax, Wang and Detwiler could maintain the lead Stras handed them.  And we win in the playoffs if we get lucky. Trading a shot in 2012 for increased risk to Stras in 2013-2017 is maybe the worst baseball/business/health/career decision I've ever heard.