Author Topic: Miami Marlins - Anybody Betting on Trouble - Protests, etc. at Nats park  (Read 429 times)

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Unlike Miami, DC isn't a hotbed of Cuban thugs wanting power back.  I'm not congradulating Castro, but there is a reason he was able to come to power in the first place.

^This. Context is important and while Ozzie was careless in his choice of words (he used the word 'respect'), his point was that it's surprising that Castro has survived all these years despite some many people and country(ies) wanting him dead.

And not surprisingly, Selig the hypocrite made a statement of support for the Marlins suspension of Ozzie and stated that baseball has a reponsibility for having sensitivity for all cultures. He must have been absolutely hammered when he and Angeloser sat with Castro during the O's visit to Cuba because he obviously doesn't remember it.