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Re: General Offense Discussion
« Reply #125: April 28, 2012, 11:58:57 AM »
Abreu has not played 1B, I think.

At this point, with the commitment to Harper, I think Abreu is no longer an option.  It is pretty clear that Rizzo never wanted to go in that direction.  If LAA was really willing to eat his contract and not get anything back, then they either overplayed their hand when Rizzo called or Rizzo just never made the call.

I don't buy that Abreu's 20 - 30 ABs is indicative of how he'd play here full time.  He'd be a fine top of the order guy for us, and we would not be committed to him long term.  He's going to have some suitors, but I don't believe the Nats will be one.