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is there really not a bat on the market that we could pick up? it'd be one thing if we were hitting the ball hard but they just weren't falling, but a majority of the at bats this team is having are awful. Espinosa needs to get his head out of his ass and hit the ball with authority, Ramos needs to show why he's the catcher of the future, and we need Zim/Morse back as soon as possible. I can't call out Werth/LaRoche because they're actually producing. I also can't call out Nady, Bernadina, and Ankiel because they have no business being in the starting line up for a team that actually wants to make the playoffs. Even the 2010 Giants had more reliable bats than we do and that is really pathetic. I know it's "early" but somethings you can't overlook, we saw the bats struggle in spring training and they are continuing to struggle! When will Rizzo notice this and do something about it?