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Re: Nationals vs Reds, Game 3
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Absolute mess getting to the stadium. Crash on 495 near wlson bridge. Closings due to parade. No bobbleheads for us. - Washington is fantastic for seeing the status of traffic, in order to identify alternate routes.  You click on the directional arrows to move the screen.  Click on plus to zoom in, - to zoom out.  You can put the mouse over blue dots and see the actual camera picture for what you select.

This helps a lot if you plan to go south on I-95 into Prince William County, VA, to know where to get off, even on a Saturday.

Black = bumper to bumper or very slow
Red = slow
Yellow = moderate speed
Green = fast or non-rush hour speeds

It gobbles up computer resources, so you'll want to close the window when you're done looking at it.

It actually only looks slow in a small part of the Beltway, and on the 14th Street Bridge entering DC.  You can see lots of ways to get there on that site.