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Re: Nationals vs Reds, Game 3
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That line up post confuses me.
**Lineups unofficial and subject to change
I just copied the lineups from yesterday and changed the pitcher, I haven't actually heard what today's lineups are.
So those are "suggested" lineups, in the former style of 2k6nats, who regularly screwed up fantasy players. He had no idea what the lineup was going to be yet, and posted one from the day before or something.  He did finally stop after numerous complaints... and The Chief's order.

What I did yesterday was to copy & paste MDS' GDT post onto a Word doc, but added numbers 1-8 with blanks for names, naming only the announced pitchers. That told everyone, especially fantasy players, that I did not know the lineups yet.

I have RotoInfo bookmarked, as it posts the lineups submitted by each team, usually several hours before each game.  It's the best source, so I checked it repeatedly yesterday, until each team posted their lineup: 

The lineups for all teams get posted, with the most recent posts on top.  So you may have to click on Next Page to see the earlier ones.  (But be careful, it will show the previous day's date and that lineup, if the team hasn't submitted one yet.) A revised lineup will be posted there too.  This happens when a player reveals an inury or sickness during warmups, but that's rare. 

The Nationals lineup was actually posted on RotoInfo at 12:42 pm today:

Desmond SS, Espinosa 2B, Zimmerman 3B, LaRoche 1B, Werth RF, Nady LF, Ankiel CF, Flores C, (Jackson P)
Apr 14, 2012 / 12:42 PM EST

Harris 2B, Cozart SS, Votto 1B, Bruce RF, Cairo 3B, Heisey LF, Stubbs CF, Mesoraco C, (Bailey P)
Apr 14, 2012 / 11:43 AM EST

(By posting that time on the GDT, it tells WNFF readers that this is NOT a "suggested" lineup.)

EDIT: So NO, those are NOT the lineups that were initially posted here.  ;)  :D
The Nationals lineup is correct, but not the Reds.  Harris is leading off for the Reds, not Stubbs.  Rolen isn't in the lineup at all, Bruce is 4th, not 5th, Heisley is in LF instead of gave-us-a-gift Ludwick; Valdez isn't playing.

(You're welcome to pin this in a GameDayThread setup thread.)  I'm not sure how to center things, so it's hard when the previous day's GDT is locked.

Also, Comcast's Guide shows Nats Extra at 3:30 pm today, with the game at 4:00 pm on MASN-2.  Sometimes these guides don't show the game, but MASN's site will.