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I honestly think Lannan isn't preparing as well in the minors because he thinks he's above it, or doesn't need to, or whatever. Before Lannan lovers attack me, I'm saying he's a hell of a lot better than his probably close to 10ERA at this point.

Can't change the fact the dude got raped in AA last June, gets called up, returns to above average pitcher status. Sent down again, gets lit up the majority of his starts again. It means nothing, other than Lannan thinks he's better than the minors leagues. I also realize that's a hell of a statement to make about someone you never met, but the numbers just don't make any sense otherwise. Because since he became an MLB mainstay, and called an ace of the staff even for a while, he's been getting raped in the minors leagues, yet is fine the second he gets called up. So these numbers don't worry me one bit. Likewise, short of some devastating injuries, I don't think we ever see him in a Nats uni again.