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Re: Jeff Francoeur - My New Hero
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Pretty awesome.  I remember heckling the crap out of Francouer when he was the Braves during Zimmermann's debut when there was almost no one at the stadium because of the weather.  When running to second one inning he trip and face planted in the mud and I let him have it next time he was in RF.  He was a good sport about it and acknowledged the heckling with a good humored smile.

Not too many are like that. I never understood the hate that was aimed at him specifically but whatever.

I saw a lot of fans trying to engage Werth yesterday but he wasn't having any of that crap. Can't say I blame him though. He'll probably have his own version of what Francoeur is doing and call it "The Annual Werth Bangs Your Wife" so start lining up.