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Jeff Francoeur - My New Hero
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Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur said he's saddened by Oakland's tiny crowds and hopes the city will get a new ballpark to house the A's.

For now, Francoeur is perfectly fine with the fans who do show up. Wednesday, he resumed a love affair with fans beyond the right-field wall and had 20 pizzas delivered to section 149.

"They're diehards," Francoeur said. "Those are the people you feel bad for with all the stuff that's going on right now - whether they're going to move or not. Those are the fans who obviously love coming out and being a part of it."

Francoeur said he was razzed by A's fans two seasons ago and engaged in friendly back-and-forth, and somehow the discussion turned to bacon. So last year, he tossed a ball wrapped in a $100 bill to the fans, suggesting they buy bacon and beer.

Tuesday, fans presented Francoeur a green T-shirt with the words "Second Annual Bacon Fest Sponsored by Jeff Francoeur." They called it Bacon Tuesday, and Francoeur is looking forward to 2013, saying, "I told them I'll come out early and hang out with them in the parking lot and eat bacon."

He added, "Baseball to me is fun. We can take it too seriously sometimes. It's nights like last night that makes it a lot of fun to play this game."

Oakland RF Bleachers Bacon Tuesday 2012: A word from our sponsor

Gifts from Jeff Francoeur for Oakland A's RF Bleacher Crew (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

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