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Re: Nationals vs Reds, Game 2
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Hey Chief, think we could get a "game" smiley?

Funny idea...  what would such a thing look like?

I know I shouldn't be shocked because this isn't new but WTF! Zimmermann has completed 5 innings and has only yielded 3 hits an 1 freaking run and people are blaming him for trailing in this game!  :bang:  :hang:
People?!? Bro, its the same two as always.

Sanity :clap:

I've met two and they were both attractive.

Well then I stand corrected! :thumbs:

Lol, I hate that word due to this forum now. Figured maybe as a smiley it won't be as annoying. Lol.

Aww, don't blame the whole forum for the ideosyncrasies of one poster :(

Yeah, he earned a loss by giving up one run.

Is every baseball game the first game you've ever watched?