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Re: Nationals vs Reds, Game 2
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You know, if I weren't afraid of my True Identity™ being exposed, I'd ask Phil Wood tomorrow if he'd do a chat with us this season.  Can you imagine some of the arguments that would happen if we were able to do that?

I'm sure he'd do it. Remember, he's been going to Balimore to appear on MASN's MidAtlantic Sports Report from 5 pm to 7 pm, as the lone Nationals representative.  (The Balimore hosts have been transformed into Nationals fans in the preseason.)  He appears live on MASN's Nat's Talk from 10 am to noon each Saturday.

Manny Acta
appeared at The Big Train's Bethesda, MD summer college league, not long before he got fired, to sign autographs with an Acta bobblehead giveaway. Phil Wood was there and chatted with anyone who wanted to talk with him, throughout the whole game.  Baseball is a game with a long history and lots of trivia, and Phil Wood keeps much of it alive. 

Just tell him your user name here... or say that you're Clark Kent.