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Let's split the 11-game home stand into 5 (CIN and 1st HOU game) and 6 games (3 more HOU, 3 MIA), especially since the home opener is a Thursday matinee at 1:05 pm.  Not everyone may get an entry in on time.

The 5 games (including 1st of 4 vs HOU) in this YNOT edition:
Thu, 4/12 Reds 1:05p MASN HD, MLBN, MLB.TV Gonzalez (0-0 in 2012, 2011: 16-12, 3.12, 1.32) vs Latos (0-1, 2011: 9-14, 3.47 ERA, 1.18 WHIP)
Fri, 4/13 Reds 7:05p MASN 2 HD, MLB.TV Zimmermann (0-1) vs Arroyo (0-0) 
Sat, 4/14 Reds 4:05p MASN 2 HD, MLB.TV Jackson (0-0) vs Bailey (0-1)
Sun, 4/15 Reds 1:35p MASN 2 HD, WDCW DC-50, MLB.TV Detwiler (1-0) vs Leake (0-1)
Mon, 4/16 Astros 7:05p MASN HD, MLB.TV Strasburg (1-0) vs (?) Weiland (0-1)

The Questions (10)
1. What will the Nats record be during these first 5 home games?
2. How many runs will the Nationals score in the 5 games? (within 3 runs count as a point)
3. How many runs will the Reds score in their 4 games and the Astros score in their 1st game? (within 3 runs count as a point)
4. How many earned runs will Gio Gonzalez allow in the Home Opener?
5. How many total home runs will all Nationals batters hit in the 5 games?
6. Which Nationals batter will hit the most RBIs in these 5 games?
7. Which Nationals batter will score the most runs in these 5 games?
8. Which Nationals pitcher will get the most Saves in these 5 games?
9. Who will have the most stolen bases by a National base runner in these 5 games? 
10. How many strikeouts will all Nationals pitchers (including relievers) get in these 5 games?

Tiebreaker: What will the attendance be for Monday April 16, Strasburg (1-0) vs Astros, presumably Weiland (0-1)?

I haven't begun calculating the results for YNOT Edition 1. If cmdterps44 wants to do it again this season, I'd love the help.  If not, I'll try to catch up. 

Everyone is welcome to submit an entry for any YNOT Edition.  It doesn't matter if you didn't submit one for a previous Edition.