Author Topic: Who's up to bat for the next GDT? (2012 Edition)  (Read 16257 times)

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and you were cheering when your fish beat our nats.

Quit mindfacting.  I've been very upfront about being a Giancarlo Stanton fanboi but that doesn't mean I'm anti-Nats.  I'd really have to be a hardened masochist to post non-stop on a Nats board, go to 40 home Nats games every season, have tons of Nats related swag and gear all over my house and clothes, and wear a Nats hat 95% of the time if I were really a Miami Marlins fan. 

and p.s. i've never been to sliders, nor do i know where it is.


Come on homie, don't try to play me like a total baboon.  You and I both know that you've spent as much time at Sliders staring at the ghost of Brady Anderson as I have drooling over BGS.  We're both Nats fans but step out on occasion - embrace it hoss.