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Re: apologies to LaRoche
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Two of LaRoche, Morse, Moore will likely be gone if we decide to pursue a true leadoff CF.   If they decide to keep Harper and/or Werth in CF, then you only need to figure out what to do with one of that triumvirate.  The thing that LaRoche has going for him is he's left handed and a really good defensive 1B.  Really good.  The debate will be had how important that is.  I think Rizzo values it.  I think there will be questions about both Morse and LaR as to how much quality baseball they have in them.  It will be a really intriguing story line to follow in the offseason.  I also think they'd be wise to consider an outfield of Harper/Brown/Werth next year.  I mentioned it over the weekend, but I think Brown's game is similar to Granderson's.