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Re: apologies to LaRoche
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Some people... geesh. Anywho, I know the "magic glove" shtick has been overplayed by FP and Bob, but LaRoche is pretty smooth around the bag. He's definitely been the bright spot of our offense along with... Ian? maybe? LaRoche is allowed to have a rough game from time to time. It happens. As much as we dislike the O's, their pitching, especially their bullpen of late, has been quite good. Add that to the fact that they seem to crush mistake pitches and... crap happens.

I just checked.  I don't have any free passes in my pocket so Adam's out of luck there.

I don't expect and he doesn't have to be stellar every game but you have to admit that yesterday, that last at-bat in particular, was a real stinker.  A comebacker on a 2-0 count in the 11th inning with runners on and in scoring positions is about as bad a outcome as a batter can produce.