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Re: apologies to LaRoche
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I think if LaRoche continues his hitting and Morse regains what he did last year the "white whale "is superflous. That being said ALR historically slow starts are a distant memory except to me. The only thing different that I can see is that he almost had a full season off last year and now is raking. I just don't know where that fits into the equation. I don't want to be a debbie downer  but he certainly is our MVP this year no matter if ALL of our SP continue to roll.

Disagree. This team needs a leadoff hitter more than anything else.

Until that's fixed, the team will still have a major flaw to it.

Lets just say in theory we sign Hamilton or some other big OF bat in the offseason.  We could still pick up the LaRoche option and have him be the first bat off the bench and 1B in interleague (Morse DH).  That or get Harper to learn how to play 2B in the offseason heh.

You're going to pay a guy 10 million to ride the bench and DH for 20 games a year?

I have a hard time believing the Lerners would be ok with that.