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Re: apologies to LaRoche
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He's been on fire. But this isn't him being the normal LaRoche they hoped for. He's on pace for far beyond a career year for him. It has been nice to see him deliver when the offense had so many holes early. He's been a big part of why they've been able to win the games when the pitching has been so good.

I just hope he puts in a solid season and doesn't suffer too much of a dropoff. It'd be unrealistic to expect him to keep up this level
.339/.429/.595/1.024. I'm just glad he is healthy so we can get the production we should realistically expect. 

I think he's benefiting from being in a better lineup this year.  Having Harper, a healthy Zim, an improved Desmond and marginally effective production from the catchers is helping a lot.  I look forward to getting Werth and Morse back so we can see what a fully functioning lineup can do.