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Re: Beast Mode Activated
« Reply #50: April 10, 2012, 05:19:46 PM »
AdamKilgoreWP: Michael Morse felt soreness throwing last night, had to be re-examined by team docs. He's not playing Thursday. Out indefinitely.
DanKolko: More bad injury news: Morse was pulled from yest's game at Hagerstown after 7in. Felt his strained lat again. Going for more tests. #Nats
acomak: Bad news for Michael Morse. He took himself out of the game in the 7th inn, having trouble throwing ball even back to SS. Being reexamined
AdamKilgoreWP: Davey says Morse had trouble reaching the shortstop from left field and took himself out of the game in Hagerstown. "That stresses me."
acomak: Morse's soreness/throwing got progressively worse Monday night, ultimately he took himself out. Timetable now unknown. #nats