Author Topic: Duct-less AC/Heat Question - Help!  (Read 711 times)

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Re: Duct-less AC/Heat Question - Help!
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Did they spec the same equipment? The same number of inside and outside units?  Indy uses Mitsubishi, big outfit uses LG, same number of units for both.

Does the expensive bid include electrical work that the other doesn't? No, it would include the same electrical work as needed for the units.

How about routing the refrigeration lines to the compressors? Do both bids propose to do it the same way? This isn't that specific from either one, generally depends on the placement of the units.

Down the line, will you get in trouble with the city if the cheaper guy doesn't pull permits, etc? No idea if either will need to pull permits, indy guy seemed very concerned about codes, for example wouldn't run lines on public side of the house, big outfit's contract states they will follow local codes.

 How about warranty service? Indie guy 'stands behind his work according to a mutual friend, our contractor that has done some really good work and then has done some things we haven't been super happy about,  more an issue with him and us, long story. He's more of a friend at this point, so probably an interpersonal thing at this point, we don't make him all that accountable.

Is $5K half the bid? A third? A quarter? Basically @13K vs @18k

Can you get a third bid? Why do you have to pull the trigger today, is the cheaper guy applying pressure? Nobody exerting pressure, mainly due to our own timeline.