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Re: Duct-less AC/Heat Question - Help!
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Did they spec the same equipment? The same number of inside and outside units?

Does the expensive bid include electrical work that the other doesn't?

How about routing the refrigeration lines to the compressors? Do both bids propose to do it the same way?

Down the line, will you get in trouble with the city if the cheaper guy doesn't pull permits, etc?

 How about warranty service?

Is $5K half the bid? A third? A quarter?

Can you get a third bid? Why do you have to pull the trigger today, is the cheaper guy applying pressure?

We got two estimates for duct-less AC/Heat mini split units:

One was from a large reputable company coming in almost 5 grand higher than an 'independent contractor' that may or may not be bonded and insured but has done lots of commercial work on the strip by our house.

Does anyone know if this takes the kind of expertise the larger company has? The other guy seems very knowledgible, but we just don't know the risks involved.

What would you guys do?

Thanks! p.s. We probably need to pull the trigger today.