Author Topic: Worst offensive performance in Nationals history - 2012 edition  (Read 9659 times)

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Niese isn't nearly as good as we made him look yesterday.  He's 10-6 with a 3.49 ERA.  Also, Jackson pitched a tremendous game yesterday and the Mets still won so it's possible to go up against a pitcher who's having a great outing and still win.  Add to that, Francisco pitched the 9th and he's flat out awful and we still couldn't get a runner on base even with our 3-4-5 hitters coming up.  That's actually a bigger indictment than what we did against Niese.

This was a very, very bad offensive performance by the Nationals.

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Some balls were hit well!  The Mets outfielders made some OUTSTANDING PLAYS.  Get over it!

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Easily takes the cake. Kyle Kendrick?!!!

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Bump for potential WOAT performance.

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Pretty pathetic showing thus far tonight.

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Easily the worst performance of the year. Division on the line and we couldn't do jack crap against Kyle Kendrick

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Who fricking cares!  Champs!