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Re: Nationals @ Cubs, Game 1
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While your generalizations have a bit of truth to them, you must know, that only Cubs fans believe that Cubs fans don't hate Sox fans.  Cubs fans hate Sox fans with a passion, they just pretend that they don't, try to believe the White Sox really don't exist, and act holier-than-thou when the Sox fans act up about Cubs fans, when Cubs fans are generally just as bad.  This has come out in spades since the Sox won it all in 2005, and Cubs fans reacted with rage over the concept that the ugly little sister got to be prom queen first.  And the old stereotype of working class, beer swilling Sox fans vs yuppified brokers and business suit Cubs fans has almost been reversed.  The drunken debauchery at Wrigley Field far exceeds any such behavior at US Cellular Field.  I have never feared for my own safety in all the years I have attended White Sox games at Comiskey and the Cell until the interleague games between the Cubs and Sox.  Drunken Cubs fans are impossible to deal with.  Wrigley Field has become a real party-frat boy atmosphere so much so that many of my friends who are Cubs fans and have kids refuse to subject their children to the Wrigley Field experience. 

Yes, these are over-generalizations as well, but the old stereotypes of the "family atmosphere" and "friendly confines" of Wrigley Field and the thugs and gangstas at the Cell are really getting to be reversed these days. 

Cubs fans hate us just as much as we hate them, they just think they're better than us because of their "loyalty" and "tradition" and whatever kool-aid they drink.  That's what offends me most about the basic die-hard Cub fan.  They truly believe being a Cub fan makes them better than the rest of us.  Well, bite me.  Being a White Sox fan, or a Nats fan, or a Seattle Mariners fan is no different. 

Here slow down a bit friend