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Washington Post Article

read the full article there.

some interesting quotes from it:


When it comes to numbers, Robinson would rather just not know.

Which may, in part, be the reason that halfway through last season he handed one of the most cherished of all managerial duties -- the writing of the lineup -- to his bench coach, a relative baseball unknown who had been fired only months before in Arizona. Because as much as Robinson hates the numbers, Eddie Rodriguez adores them.

The numbers dance for Rodriguez. He sees them when he drives home from the ballpark. He twists them around in his sleep, looking for an elusive, never-discovered combination. Then, after a fitful rest, he rises with the morning sun, pours a cup of coffee, tears open the paper and begins the daylong process of trying to make the Nationals' offense come to life.

There is honesty in the numbers, and Rodriguez plays them well.

"What you try to do is position yourself where you have your best hitters available for what you are trying to do," he says.

And in this tumultuous first baseball season in Washington, where Robinson has had to squeeze every bit of productivity from a flawed roster further weakened by a run of injuries, the arrangement has nonetheless gotten the Nationals in first place -- no matter how precariously. Washington and Atlanta are tied for first in the National League East heading into tonight's game.

"I'm a delegator," Robinson says. "I like to let my coaches have authority."