Author Topic: General Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread (2012)  (Read 1731 times)

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Re: General Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread (2012)
« Reply #25: August 06, 2012, 07:11:04 PM »
I botched my season today.  what I should have done is trade Middlebrooks and Beckett for Kendry Morales and Buchholz, and trade CJ Wilson and a scrub for Morneau and R. Soriano. It's a salary cap / dynasty league, and Morales and Buchholz are in their last year, while MDBK is in his first at $10 (for next two years / more if kept longer) and Wilson at $9 and kept for next year.  Lots of value that I could have unpacked for a second closer, increased O, and a pitcher who now is doing about as well as Wilson.

Instead, I traded MDBK, Beckett, and 2 extra parts for Ichiro and howie kendrick plus 2 spare parts.  Could still do the Morneau deal, but I can't get the make piece of Buchholz for Wilson.