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okay, so i've been offered Adam LaRoche/Erik Bedard for Jed Lowrie/Trevor Bauer.

Obviously the pitchers are throw-ins, as they both have had their fair share of difficulties. 

My other 1B is Allen Craig, so I could use the help (although my only other SS at the current moment is Brandon Crawford).  I can move Craig to utility or OF, adding a power bat in LaRoche. 

The guy also has Kevin Correia, so 1) would you rather have Correia or Bedard?  and 2) should i make the deal?

If it were a keeper league, I'd say hell no (seeing how Bauer is going to be a stud).  But seeing how it's his first year and he's struggled in his first couple starts, it may be wise to pick up an inning eating veteran in Correia/Bedard.