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Re: Matt Cain - $127M Extension
« Topic Start: April 03, 2012, 10:40:28 AM »
Seems Gonzalez was the low point for the 1B market.  Seems Crawford, right after Werth, might have been a high point in the corner OF market.  You wonder what the two teams would have been like had Werth signed for 6 years, $96MM with the Sox and Crawford for 7 years, $115MM here.   Nats Park is not a good triples park because the dimensions are too regular and the gaps are not huge, but Crawford's defense, which is based on make up speed, would have really gotten a great display here and he would have slotted into the top of the order he prefers.  While he did not have a better year than Desmond offensively, I think some of that was due to the park.