If we don't get 12 teams should we

cancel the league- screw it
0 (0%)
play as normal- I always wanted a league with Longoria on the bench
5 (62.5%)
play NL only
3 (37.5%)

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Re: fantasy baseball (roto-other league)
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With a Draft Date for the WNFF Rotisserie League of Sunday, April 1 at 7:45 pm, you should get more PM's to participate before then.  As the April 5, 2012 Opening Day gets closer, more people get interested (i.e. procrastinators.) 

One option: wait until Thursday or Friday.  If you're close to the number you want, you could always convert it to a Public league, to fill the remaining slots.  You could edit the title to say it's for Nationals fans.