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Damn, definitely did not realize that each category counted as win versus one win per matchup.  Probably wouldn't have punted saves if I had.  Ugh.
I forgot too, even though I asked for the change back to what we had in an earlier season.  It should help with Quitters, who stop managing their teams; they shouldn't win with blowouts. 
But a Win-Loss-Tie result of 4-5-1 keeps you more in the running for the season than a 0-1 loss.

In 2011 my roster was autodrafted, except for the last 3 rounds.  The live draft was too early, and conflicted with a NCAA basketball conference semi-final I attended.  Also, we had 16 managers in WNFF last year.

I'm pretty happy with my 2012 live draft and a 14-member WNFF league.  We still have some quality players available as free agents.

For fantasy players, the first game of the day today:
Wed April 18, 2012:
Mets (7-4, 3-2 away) vs. Braves (6-5, 4-1 home) at 12:10 PM ET

Ball, strike, balk, or Dancing with the Stars application?