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The lock thing is killing me....
You can minimize the damage by:
1. Going to your My Team page
2. Click on the heading for the next day of the week.
3. Set your lineup (it will NOT change your previous day lineup):
    a. Make sure your starting pitchers are active, and
    b. Move bench players to active to replace guys who do not have games or are out injured.
4. Go back to #2; set your lineups for each of the next 6 or 7 days.
5. Check in the late morning, to see if any news affects your players chance of playing. 
(Nothing like learning that someone you have in the active lineup has been sent down to the minor league!)
There's an annual early game in Boston that starts at 11 am or so coming up. 
You can always change your mind about lineups before the first game of the day. 

The remaining problem is when:
1. Games are likely to be rained out, and you could have moved someone from the bench.
2. Someone is just given a day off and isn't in the lineup.

Maybe cmdterps44 could ask Help to have an ESPN supervisor or programmer to override the stuck Setting.
In the meantime, ALL of us can COMPLAIN, if we get a random popup request to Evaluate ESPN by an outside survey.  ESPN should give us the power to change such an awful setting.