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cmdterps44, the H2H league isn't working the way it did last year.  ESPN's Setting is to lock the entire roster, after the first game of the day begins:

Lineup Changes   
Daily - Lock at First Game of Day

Standard League Rules
Once the roster is locked in Standard leagues, you are unable to make any roster changes. League Managers in LM Leagues are able to make changes to rosters once they have locked.

Individual slots lock daily at the game time scheduled for the player in that slot. This occurs even if the player is not playing, so make sure you move injured players prior to their team's scheduled game start.

Individual roster slots lock when the team of the player in that slot is scheduled to begin their first game of the day.

Remember, roster locks involve add/drops while lineup locks only involve active/bench. For instance, when the first game of the day starts, your roster is then locked. Any players added after will display on the next day for daily leagues and on Monday for weekly leagues.

While the first game always precluded you from grabbing Free Agents (they'd be dated as acquired the next day), it's now stopping us from making lineup Moves before the players' games start.

Example: The first game started at 2:05 pm today.  But we should still be able to move players between our Bench and the active roster before games begin at 7:05 pm or even 10 pm on the west coast.  West coast lineups are not announced until much later.

You may need to write to ESPN's Help Desk as Commissioner to get them to fix or override the setting