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I'll ask in the gameday thread again. I wonder if I could get UMD or spider or someone similar.
Obed_Marsh - D.C. Loxoscelidaes , who'd won or had been a WNFF fantasy baseball finalist, was dissatisfied with the limit of Matchup Acquisition Limit of 7 (for 7-day matchups) last year.  We'd had unlimited or a very large number before.  He liked getting more pitching starts by grabbing more free agents each week.  A higher number also helps in the playoffs.  7 can be constricting, with September callups and teams trying different pitchers at Closer.

So maybe he'd join, if that Setting was changed.  Someone else will probably want to join anyway. 

Alternatively, if and WHEN we identify a quitter after this starts, JMUalumni could take over that team.

D.C. Loxoscelidaes