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Re: Legion of Doom 2012!!!
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We have a historically great pitching staff, a division ripe for the taking, but we're going to miss the playoffs because we've paired it with a bottom-5 MLB offense. 

We're 8-21 in games where our pitchers give up 4 runs or more.  2-14 when our pitchers give up 5 or more.  League average ERA is 3.95.  If, on any given night, our pitchers are league average, LEAGUE AVERAGE, we are a .461 ballclub.  If they are league average or worse, we are a .275 ballclub.

We have no long-term solution at 1b, a shaky-looking cornerstone at 3b, no CF, no leadoff, an aging and injured RF, and a 30-year-old LF who looks like last year was a flash-in-the-pan career year. 

Our long-term offensive strategy boils down to "In Bryce We Trust."

Our young core at 2b, SS, and C are falling apart, overachieving and still barely average, and injured, respectively. 

Hope you like 1-0 games - we've got 5 years of them ahead of us.  We'll win our share of them, because our pitchers are awesome, but everynight they forget to bring their superhero costumes, we'll lose.