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Re: Sunshine Squad 2012!!!
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"...And 12-4, though an excellent start, should be seen as a chance for a REAL streak __more like 20-8 or some such."
So for the Nationals to satisfy this theory, they now need to merely go 6-4 to get to 20-8.

I picked this team to win 93 games in the 2012 Prediction Thread.  (But I also thought that Morse would be back by now.)  I did expect significantly better results from Werth, and saw last year as an injury aberration for LaRoche, who had been consistently good every other year of his career.  I expected Ian Desmond to improve too.

I do think that Morse or the Nationals should provide humidor bat cases for every Nationals starter with a batting average under .300 ...or the two players with the lowest averages.