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Re: Sunshine Squad 2012!!!
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We won a series!  A 2 GAME SWEEP!  WHOO HOO!

Actually, officially I believe they will consider the makeup game to be part of this series, even though it will likely be a doubleheader in a different three, now four game series. I'm 75% sure that's the way it goes, at least. Someone correct me if I am mistaken. So the game won't be considered part of the the series it is played in. In other words, let's say we lose and win the three other games we play against the Marlins that week. We'd have a three game sweep for that series, and be 2-1 for this weekend's series. It goes against logic, and can lead to some stupid and crazy things, but that's the way it goes.

I never will forget when we had a tie game stopped due to rain, made up months later, where we proceed to get a run right off the bat, and thus the pitcher who had pitched the top of the innings before play was halted months earlier got the win. That pitcher? Joel Hanrahan, who we'd traded to the Pirates, earned the win when he hadn't been on the Nats roster for months.

So as eager as I am to proclaim that we've got ourselves our first sweep of the season, I'm afraid we have to postpone our festivities. Methinks we have a decent shot in San Diego, so patience, grasshopper. What'll be funny is when we win the makeup, we will earn our first series sweeps of the season, despite it coming long after we probably have ten or better sweeps at that point.