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Re: Sunshine Squad 2012!!!
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I love the analysis, I want it to be true, and, like CALSGR8, I've waited more than 30 years for a team that could win more than half its games. If only this 2012 team could hit!


- assumes Espinosa and Desmond improve. They are key, yes. If they hit (and if Desmond can field)...

- assumes LaRoche and Morse can play. Morse worries me, and I'll believe that LaRoche is back when he starts three consecutive games and can pull the ball.

- assumes Werth will return to B+ level, which I expect

- assumes Harper will make an impact, which he might after ASB. Take a look at Mantle's rookie year, or the two minor league seasons it took Killebrew to figure it out.

- assumes there is a bench, which there isn't.