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Re: 2012 Season Roll Call
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Now fully updated:

Taking a peek at our upcoming Mets/Braves homestand, per

Tuesday 17th vs Mets, 19.05 (Detwiler vs Niese) - high 101, low 82, 10% chance of rain
Wednesday 18th vs Mets, 19.05 (Zimmermann vs Young) - high 100, low 81, 40% chance of rain
Thursday 19th vs Mets, 12.35 (Gonzalez vs Dickey) - high 90, low 77, 50% chance of rain
Friday 20th vs Braves, 19.05 (Strasburg vs Hanson) - high 81, low 72, 40% chance of rain
Saturday 21st vs Braves, 13.05 (Jackson vs Sheets*) and 19.05 (Lannan vs Jurrjens) - high 84, low 71, 10% chance of rain
Sunday 22nd vs Braves, 13.35 (Detwiler vs Sheets*) - high 88, low 74, 10% chance of rain

*This is per as of right now and would, I think, simply have to be revised (a pitcher on only his second start since returning to action after two years, pitching on no rest, in the midst of a hot division race?). Saturday night and Sunday pitchers not yet confirmed on Nats' site.


So far Metro is only showing track work on the Red line (Bethesda and Medical Centre stations closed for 'Rail welding, fastener upgrades, tunnel repair, grout work', with buses replacing trains between Friendship Heights and Grosvenor)...but per recent precedent we'll need to wait till their Thursday announcement for whatever surprises they may spring during what should be quite a heavy-drawing weekend Braves series.