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All they're reporting right now for the late-Friday-through-Sunday weekend work period is more Silver line switch work between East and West Falls Church, with buses replacing trains between the two Orange line stations.

...uh-oh, spoke a bit too soon - here's the full track-work line-up for the weekend of the Braves series (

Metro weekend track work June 1-3, 2012

Buses replace trains between East Falls Church and West Falls Church; single tracking on portions of Blue, Red, Green and Yellow lines as rebuilding continues

The massive effort to rebuild Metrorail will continue over the weekend of June 1-3 on the Orange, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow lines.  The work will begin at 10 p.m. Friday and continue through system closing on Sunday.

Orange Line

Buses will replace Orange Line trains between East Falls Church and West Falls Church to allow for testing associated with the Silver Line Metrorail extension. Orange Line trains will operate in two sections: Between Vienna and West Falls Church at regular weekend intervals, and East Falls Church and New Carrollton at regular weekend intervals. Customers using shuttle bus service should allow about 20 minutes of additional travel time.

Blue Line                                                                                 

Trains will single track in two work zones switches: between Stadium-Armory and Addison Road to allow for repairs to the "floating concrete slabs" beneath the rails, and between Van Dorn Street and Braddock Road for bridge work. Blue Line trains will depart Largo Town Center and Franconia-Springfield every 20 minutes.  Customers should allow about 15 minutes of additional travel time.

Red Line

Trains will single track through two work areas: Between Forest Glen and Takoma to allow for platform reconstruction and fiber optic cable installation, and between Van Ness and Friendship Heights to allow for rail and fastener renewal and joint elimination for a smoother ride. Red Line trains between Shady Grove and Glenmont will operate every 24 minutes throughout the weekend.  Customers should allow 20 minutes of additional travel time. Between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, additional trains will operate between Van Ness and New York Avenue only, providing service every 12 minutes in the downtown core.

Green Line

Green Line trains will single track between College Park and Greenbelt to allow for tie renewal. Trains will operate at normal weekend intervals. Every other train will begin/end service at College Park, rather than Greenbelt. Customers traveling to/from Greenbelt Station should allow up to 15 minutes of additional travel time.

Yellow Line

Yellow Line trains will single track between Braddock Road and Huntington to allow bridge work. Yellow Line trains will operate every 24 minutes between Huntington and Mount Vernon Square throughout the weekend.  Customers traveling to/from stations north of Mount Vernon Square should use Green Line trains to complete their trip. Green Line trains will operate every 16 minutes throughout the weekend.

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