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Re: 2012 Season Roll Call
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With tomorrows game looking to be a rain out I wonder if the team will announce the cancellation ahead of time or allow people to show up and buy drinks.  Usually I complain if they don't announce it ahead of time but I want to get the kids jerseys and Jr Nats Club packages, we're planning on getting dogs for lunch and then hoping for rain so that we can go back on a warmer day.

It's set to rain pretty much all of tomorrow (60% chance of rain practically the whole afternoon, per the Weather Channel) - and on top of that this will be one of the easiest fixtures to re-schedule. Monday is a travel day for boith teams (on Tuesday, Nats and Marlins open away series at Padres and Mets respectively), and if that isn't attractive to both sides, both of the remaining Nats Park series between the two teams are at weekends.

So I wouldn't be surprised if this one gets postponed...but then again, who would have thought of the Nats cancelling a home match against the Pirates last seasoin due to 'threat of rain' when no rain ever materialised?