Author Topic: 2012 Nats Tickets - buy, beg, borrow, trade, etc.  (Read 2801 times)

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I'll start.

I've got 1 full share available in our long term, stable group, as follows:

10 full shares in a full season plan - 2 seats, 3rd base club, Section 207, row E.  Under the overhang so out of the rain, and close to the left aisle so no obstructed view by people going up and down.

Total cost $684 for your 8 game share, + you get a pro-rata share of whatever Red Carpet Rewards are conferred upon us.  That's $42.75 per seat per game before adding in the RCR effect, a nice discount.

We will host the ticket draft on March 18.  Fully random drawing for draft order, then a serpentine draft (1 through 10, 10 through 1, etc).  If you cannot attend we will draft for you based upon your guidance provided ahead of time.

RCR requests will be provided to me a week or two later and I will make the requests and distribute the RCR freebees probably early April.

No parking included.

I will hold a separate drawing for opening day and for the Red Sox exhibition.

I have already purchased 4 more pair of Yankees series tickets, which will be offered to the group equitably at my cost.

I will purchase any additional tickets you need (say, opening day) in order to get the discount if requested.

PM me if you're interested.