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Re: NFL Thread (2012)
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I've noticed that the Bills DB's are jumping routes. They are playing well defensively. But NE's kicker and Gronkowski/Welker have freaked NE with awful fumbles deep in their own zone. Although you have to give Byrd credit for creating those fumbles.

Linty, I can't figure out your team loyalties. You like the Indians and you seem to like the Browns so I guess you have a little Cleveland connection. But you also like the Bills in football.   :shrug:  Then you're also a Nats fan and you seem to like the A's.  :wtf:

Cleveland teams - Dad was born in Ohio.

Buffalo - First football game I ever saw was Bills vs. Giants in the SB. I liked the Bills jerseys better... so I decided they would be my favorite team. Made sense to a five year old.

Oakland - I'm not a huge fan... I like some of their players.