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Re: NFL Thread (2012)
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You don't think the officials just gifted the Seahawks a win with that


This is a freaked up situation. The regular refs don't really rely on the NFL for their regular paycheck. For them this is a part time job. But it does pay them over 100K for seasonal work. But one of the things the refs are fighting for is to prevent the NFL from disciplining (by fining) and even firing refs for bad performances. They don't want to be held accountable for their bad performances and that's freaked up. There's a bit of irony to all this. The regular refs also don't want the NFL to add extra referee crews. What I don't get is why the NFL hasn't provided better training for these refs. These people should be in classrooms and on the field during the week learning how to referee NFL games correctly. They need to learn basics about the game like spotting the ball correctly, the correct yardage of penalties and clock management.